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Intertech Parking Consulting

The automobile is an essential part of our community lifestyle, and its successful storage is a necessity in the economic and operational management of a building project. The responsible parking consultant must be sensitive to this relationship between the vehicle and the project and offer to the Owner and his Architects and Contractors creative vehicle storage alternatives for consideration in the design and development of their project.

Intertech has over thirty-five years experience in parking and parking garage consulting and design. During that period, Intertech has participated in the design and construction of over one hundred and fifity garages, as well as assisting numerous owners in both the private and public sectors, in the assessment of their parking needs and how best to meet them.

Intertech includes on its staff of professionals Nabil Hadawi & Pat Sinex who have worked with former Chairman of the Parking Consultant's Council, National Parking Association and other noted organization that have recognized their learership as parking consultants.

Parking Structure Isometric

Intertech Parking Garage Design

The planning and design of a parking garage must respond to the needs of the Owner, the driver, the pedestrian and the traffic system. Among services available from Intertech are:

  • Site: Identify the positive and negative aspects of the site.
  • External Traffic System: Identify traffic patterns of the surrounding area streets and determine the most suitable entry/exit locations.
  • Garage Function: Develop an internal circulation system to function efficiently, satisfy driver, pedestrian and operator and accommodate peak levels.
  • User Friendly: Minimize patron education time and create an anxiety free space.
  • Durability: Design to minimize maintenance, to provide durability and to inhibit corrosion and future deterioration.
  • Aesthetics: Blend structure and architectural treatment into surrounding community.
  • Economics/Efficiency: Design an efficient space (least square feet per car) and select an economical structural frame to control construction costs.
  • Graphics/Signage: Design signage and traffic directional graphics to be simple, easy to read, visible and allow for quick decisions by motorists and pedestrians.
  • Security: Select passive (good lighting, open stairs, maximum openness) and/or active (sound and TV surveillance, alarms, patrols) security features to protect vehicles and patrons and to deter criminal activity.
  • Parking Controls: Develop a system of parking controls that meet the Owner's needs and permit rapid ingress/egress and minimize queuing.
  • Other Items to Consider: Drainage, ventilation and handicap spaces are other features to be considered in the design.
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